Visit the Washinoo Sake Brewery and See a “Tamawari” (Adding Water to Sake) Demonstration(Washinoo Co., Ltd.)

Washinoo sake brewer: Brewery visit and tasting Plus optional “tamawari” demonstration

※ Washinoo is a sake brewery in Hachimantai founded in 1829.

Sake made with pristine underground water from Mt. Iwate is intended to be enjoyed with local foods, and it is produced in limited quantity. You can drink this sake only by going to Iwate! This tour will visit a sake brewery and its main building that have existed since Washinoo’s founding.

❶ Visit a brewery (between January and March, you can see the sake making process; in the other months, you’ll watch a video at the main building built during the Edo period)

❷ Drink and compare several sake, each of which has a different character (sampling)

❸ Option: “Warimizu” demonstration (end of the sake-making process)

(Warimizu is the process of diluting unprocessed sake with water. It is a critical step that determines the taste of the sake.)

General Information

■Brewery visit
 (Fee includes fixed tasting fee)
 Optional “Tamawari” demonstration
Opening Times
Demonstrations by reservation only: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Weekends and public holidays
About 1 hour
Minimum participants: 1


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