Eat Shojin Ryori Cuisine at Saikan and Pray Inside the Shrine(Headquarters Sales Office, Headquarters, Shoko Hire K.K.)

Dewa Sanzan: Eat shojin ryori cuisine at Hagurosan Saikan and pray inside the shrine

Shojin ryori (cuisine made from vegetables and no meat or fish for the purpose of eating plain, simple foods for Buddhist spiritual training) has been passed down in Mt. Haguro since ancient times. It draws out the flavors of seasonal mountain vegetables picked in Dewa Sanzan, and has a taste which has been preserved since ancient times, thanks to chefs who have continued to maintain Saikan’s unique cooking methods and customs through the generations. No words can describe the exceptional meal eaten in Saikan, a building used for purification and lodging found in a quiet area of Mt. Haguro. To pray in the shrine building, a Haguro Yamabushi (Yamabushi is one who conducts ascetic training in the mountains) will direct you around the precincts from the parking lot of Mt. Haguro’s summit by blowing a conch (the conch shell is blown to create a sound like a trumpet). After arriving at Sanjin Gosaiden Shrine, you can listen to the priest’s chanting in the inner shrine hall. The sound of the conch that reverberates through the mystical precincts is marvelous.

General Information

¥8,400 (Incl. tax)
If you are getting off at Shonai Airport or Yunohama Onsen, ¥1,200 per person will be added.
*Fee includes taxi fare, toll roads, shojin ryori, and shrine prayer fee.
*Book by 5:00pm of the previous day.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Open all year
About 2 hours 30 minutes
Minimum participants: 1


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