Zen at Zenpoji(Megurun Inc.)

Discover the mindful skills of Zen by joining the Zenpoji monks in their daily practices.

Zenpoji, as a temple that worships the dragon god, has attracted followers among people praying for a safe sea voyage and large fish catch. On its nearly 200,000-square-meter premises full of nature, and under the guidance of Zen monks, you will receive zazen (a Buddhist meditative discipline in which one is seated with a correct posture and achieves a unified mind), brush calligraphy, and dietary training, and lastly, listen to chanting at the main hall. Through experiencing the daily practice of Zenpoji monks, you learn to face yourself and accept everything without denying the environment you are in. Acquiring the Zen mind will open up a new sense of values and a new world for you.

General Information

Party of 2:
Party of 3:
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Party of 6 or more:
*Available in English.
Opening Times
Irregular hours
*Experience can be arranged according to the status of reservations
Closed irregularly
4 hours
Minimum participants: 2
*Up to 20 people can be accepted.
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Limiting or guiding visitors, providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, performing temperature checks.


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