Tour to Hachinohe Shuzou brewery and Bars on a back alley(BOJ Incorporated)

Visit the historical brewery of Hachinohe, taste sake, then go out to Yokocho bars with the local guide

At around 2:30 PM, a local guide will pick you up at your hotel in Hachinohe. First, moving toward Hachinohe Shuzou Co., Ltd., we will take part in the sake brewery tour and tasting. Since Hachinohe Shuzou, for all the local brews, uses the rice from Aomori Prefecture and the water of Kanisawa famous for its freshness and purity, their sake is recommended for taste, but also for health and safety. If you get a little tipsy after the tasting, let's go out on the town to Yokocho together with the local guide. You will enjoy conversations with the owners and visitors of the bars, and taste not only delicious foods and sake, but also the powerful charm of the local people. After the tour finishes in Yokocho, you will be free to go out and have a good time on your own. 

General Information

東京都中央区新富1-3-2 新富町1丁目ビル 5階
Fee per Person by Group Size
1 person: 22,400 Yen
2 persons: 11,800 Yen
3 persons: 8,300 Yen
4 persons: 6,500 Yen
5 persons: 5,500 Yen
6 persons: 4,800 Yen
Opening Times
Weekdays 8:00 ~18:00
Saturdays and Sundays
3.5 hours
Minimum Participants for holding Tour: 1 person


Telephone Number

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