Bangaku Performance and Schönes Heim KANEYAMA(Hotel Schönes Heim KANEYAMA)

Watch the traditional performing art of Bangaku and enjoy a leisurely time in Kaneyama at a hotel!

Watch Bangaku, a traditional performing art that has been passed down in Kaneyama Town, Yamagata Prefecture, while relaxing leisurely at a beautiful German-style hotel. Bangaku is a traditional performing art that has been handed down over generations in the Inasawa and Yanagihara districts in Kaneyama Town. It is a powerful folk dance which is performed to pray for “gokoku-hojo” (plentiful harvest of the five grains which are the main staples for humans: rice, barley, soybean, foxtail millet, and proso millet), “akki-taisan” (means dispelling evil demons that cause epidemics and disasters), and the wellbeing of one’s family. In modern times, it is performed on New Year’s Day to offer prayers for the new year and the village. This plan lets you see a special performance of Bangaku at a hotel. This exceptional dance with a history of more than 400 years will pray for your gokoku-hojo and the wellbeing of your family. Watch Bangaku while enjoying the hotel’s special dinner!

General Information

One person
Adult: ¥8,500 (excluding tax and bath tax)
Opening Times
Open all year
Bangaku performance: Before dinner, about 30 minutes
Minimum participants: 1


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