Flavours of Kesennuma: Sake Brewery Tour & Dinner Party(Otokoyama Honten)

Rare local dining experience at a sake brewery with over 100 years of history!

Otokoyama Honten is a well-established local sake brewery with over 100 years of history. Much-loved by the locals, the brewers are constantly embracing new challenges - from original varieties like 'Kesennuma Otokoyama' made using traditional brewing methods and the refreshing flavour of 'Soutenden' that pairs well with seafood, to a range of fruit-liquors with a sake base. This plan will first take you on a tour of the brewery to deepen your knowledge of Japanese sake, before you move to the traditional Japanese house onsite at the brewery (a designated tangible cultural property). Sitting down in a beautiful tatami-matted room full of rustic charm, you'll enjoy a delicious meal of sushi and other dishes made with local produce (and paired with more sake, of course!).

General Information

※(tax incl.)
1 pax : 36,000 JPY (39,600 JPY)
2 pax: 62,400 JPY (68,640 JPY )
3 pax: 86,400 JPY (95,040 JPY )
4 pax:110,400 JPY (121,440 JPY )
5 pax:115,000 JPY (126,500 JPY )
Opening Times
Sundays and public holidays
2.5 hours
16:00-17:00 Sake brewery tour
17:30-19:00 Dinner party
Minimum participants: 1


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