The best ingredients of the day! Sushi, sashimi and Japanese sake (or beer) set(Hasshoku Ichibazushi)

Only because it has direct access to the fish market! A meal set to enjoy fresh seafood and Japanese liquors

Only with the direct access to Hashoku center with a great variety of seafoods can we proudly say- we only serve the best seafood of the season! We make use of the fishes recommended by the direct sellers to create exquisite sushi, sashimi, and heart-warming small dishes. In the set menu, you can select one out of the three nice Aomori local liquors (“Hassen” from Hachinoe, “Hohai” from Hirosaki”, and “Denshu” from Aomori).  

Once again- we only recommend the best food of the season, come and prove it with us.

General Information

青森県八戸市河原木字神才22-2(八食センター 厨スタジアム内)
1430 yen
Opening Times
10:00 a.m. - 09:00 p.m.
By car- 10-min from Hachinohe station, 10-min from Hachinohe expressway, Hachinohe Interchange
By bus- Take " Hashoku 100-Yen Bus" at the East Exit of Hachinohe station and get off at "Hashoku Center".
Take "Hashoku 200-Yen Bus" at Hachinohe City Center Terminal (No.5) and get off at "Hashoku Center".


Hasshoku Ichibazushi
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