Grilled Kuraishi beef (3 parts) tasting set, local sake Hassen tasting set (3 selections)(Niku&Peace UHACHI)

The taste you can never find in any other places else! Enjoying the best parts of the legendary Kuraishi beef- from red meat to marbled meat together with 4 selections of seasoning. Please also enjoy the liquor tasting set in which you can try out 3 fragr

Trying out the rare parts of quality Kuraishi beef- “front shank (30g)”, “back flank (30g)” and “bottom round (30g)”.

Be amazed by the variations of seasoning- Noda salt, yuzu pepper, ponzu vinegar, wasabi soy sauce. We also serve three local Hassen liquors, from sweet to dry for you to taste and compare.

General Information

青森県八戸市三日町25 屋台村むろく横丁 
3000 yen
Opening Times
6:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
Closed irregularly
10-min walk from Hon-Hachinohe station


Niku&Peace UHACHI
Telephone Number

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