Hot spring gingerbread & handmade Japanese corned beef + Fukushima local liquors (3 selections) tasting set(Onsen & Music & Dining BAR 1%ER)

3 selected Fukushima local liquors cross over hot spring bread topped with handmade corned beef!

[About our facility] We are a bar on the first floor of the Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring Resort complex so relaxing hot spring is within reach at a usage fee of just JPY 1,100. Please come and visit us after your soothing bath at the natural hot spring! Our food and beverages would taste extra good!

[Amusement] The unique presentation by our chef gives a new definition to corned beef. It comes with a hot spring gingerbread (hot spring shrine bread) prepared by the essence of local Iwaki ginger and hot spring water of Iwaki Yumoto hot spring.  

[Liquor] The world famous and classy Fukushima Japanese liquor that won the largest amount of gold awards in Japan among all liquors, and recommended by 3-star restaurants. The taste-and-compare set consists of three liquor selections picked by the restaurant owner.  

General Information

1980 yen
Opening Times
5:00 p.m - 11:00 p.m. (Last order at 9:00 p.m)
Tuesday, sometimes closed irregurarly
10-min walk from Yumoto station


Onsen & Music & Dining BAR 1%ER
Telephone Number
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