Farmer’s Guesthouse Hotaru(NPO Country Experience Private Supplementary School “Tsunokawanosato”)

Stay at a farmer’s guesthouse, and pick and eat snow-preserved vegetables!

The Tsunokawa district in a mountainous region of Tozawa Village, Yamagata Prefecture has five farmers’ guesthouses. One of them is Hotaru, which offers seasonal farm experiences as well as a winter activity unique to this region—collecting vegetables covered in snow. Vegetables are harvested and placed in fields before snow begins to fall. In the winter, the vegetables become sweeter to protect themselves in the snow, sweeter than when they were harvested in the autumn, and they are more delicious. You may be able to pick Tsunokawa turnip, which is a precious vegetable that has long been cultivated in the Mogami area and can be picked only in this region. Experience this rare activity that combines vegetables and countryside snow recreation for double the fun!

General Information

1 night/2 meals: ¥7,000; Snow-preserved vegetable picking: ¥2,500
Opening Times
Open all year
May be closed during busy season for farms
1 night/2 days (Mochi pounding 30 minutes)
Minimum participants: 1


Telephone Number