Stay at a Farmer’s Guesthouse and Pound Mochi(NPO Country Experience Private Supplementary School “Tsunokawanosato”)

Stay in Japan’s countryside and experience nostalgic mochi pounding!

The Tsunokawa district in a mountainous region of Tozawa Village, Yamagata Prefecture has five farmers’ guesthouses. One of them is Abe run by Mrs. Abe. The Abe house has pestles and a mortar for pounding mochi. Whenever the Abe family, a local farming household, has homemade glutinous rice cultivated in its fields, you can experience mochi pounding. Do try eating Tsunokawa mochi that you have pounded yourself. The Abe house also offers a range of farm experiences throughout all seasons. This lodging is recommended especially for people interested in farm experiences in Japan.

General Information

1 night/2 days: ¥7,000; Mochi pounding: ¥5,000
Opening Times
Open all year
May be closed during busy season for farms
1 night/2 days (Mochi pounding from 4:00pm)
Minimum participants: 1


Telephone Number

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