Farmer’s Guesthouse Sanzen(NPO Country Experience Private Supplementary School “Tsunokawanosato”)

Stay at a farmer’s guesthouse and go mountain stream fishing in the countryside

The Tsunokawa district in Tozawa Village, Yamagata Prefecture has five farmers’ guesthouses. One of them is Sanzen, which is also a soba noodle restaurant. The day after spending the night here, you can go mountain stream fishing in Tsunokawa River nearby. If you do not have fishing equipment, Country Experience Private Supplementary School will lend them to you for a fee. Local shops can provide the recreational fishing ticket that you need, and you can go mountain stream fishing anytime from May to around September. The landlord of Sanzen is a local fishing master, and he can accompany you and give you fishing tips.

General Information

1 night/2 days: ¥7,000; 2-hour mountain stream fishing: ¥5,000
Opening Times
Open all year
May be closed during busy season for farms
1 night/2 days (Mountain stream fishing 2 hours)
* Only available from May to around September
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Limiting or guiding visitors, providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, ventilating indoor spaces, performing temperature checks, disinfecting used areas, etc.


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