Farmer’s Guesthouse Yosoemon(NPO Country Experience Private Supplementary School “Tsunokawanosato”)

Stay at a farmer’s guesthouse and experience Japanese New Year’s culture!

The Tsunokawa district in a mountainous region of Tozawa Village, Yamagata Prefecture has five farmers’ guesthouses. Yosoemon is in the most secluded area of them all. Yosoemon is both a farmer’s guesthouse and a soba noodle restaurant, so you can have a try at making soba noodles. In addition, you can experience local New Year’s traditions, such as pounding mochi and decorating a dango tree (this region has a traditional practice of decorating branches of a wedding cake tree with ornaments, such as red and white glutinous rice balls made with rice flour, to pray for abundant harvest and good health). In the winter, you can attach the paper lantern you painted to a wall made of snow for a magical evening. Also go snow trekking wearing old-fashioned kanjiki (a type of snowshoe that is attached to footwear in heavy snow areas; it has a large contact area to stop you from sinking into snow), and at the same time, pick snow-preserved vegetables (this region adopts a traditional method of keeping vegetables fresh by preserving them under a cover of snow). This lodging is recommended for people interested in Japanese culture.

General Information

1 night/2 meals: ¥7,000; Mochi pounding: ¥5,000; New Year’s cultural experience: ¥2,500; Snow lantern experience: ¥3,000; Kanjiki trekking & snow-preserved vegetable picking: ¥3,000
Opening Times
Open all year
May be closed during busy season for farms
1 night/2 days (Mochi pounding 30 minutes; New Year’s cultural experience 30 minutes; Snow lantern activity 30 minutes; Kanjiki trekking & snow-preserved vegetable picking 30 minutes)
Minimum participants: 1


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