◆Summer Tour◆Learn How to Use Early Summer Ingredients in Season(Institute Yonezawa Convention & Tourism Bureau YAMAGATA ARCADIA Tourism Bureau)

◆Summer tour◆Learn how to use early summer ingredients in season

In the early summer in Yamagata, you can enjoy the diverse blessings of nature. You will first attend a workshop on inaka soba making (inaka soba refers to buckwheat noodles made with grinded buckwheat that have their buckwheat chaffs attached; the noodles are thick and dark colored and have a strong buckwheat flavor and aroma) and eat lunch, which will be followed by cherry picking. In this time of year, you can have cherries which are unusually large, even by global standards. In the evening, you will get a taste of local life by eating and talking with your hosts at a farmer’s guesthouse in the Nakatsugawa district. On the following day, you will go fishing at an artificial fishing pond. You can catch freshwater fish to grill and eat right there. Your trip will conclude with a delicious ramen meal in Yamagata, the prefecture with the largest ramen consumption in Japan. In this one-night, two-day plan, treat yourself with the foods of Yamagata.

General Information

山形県長井市東町2番50号 米沢市丸の内1-4-13
Price for 2 people: ¥90,508
Price for 4 people: ¥141,016
* Includes ¥40,000 2-day interpreter fee.
* Does not include transportation expenses.
* ¥23,100 for 2 days if you rent a car; ¥81,000 if you hire a taxi.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Open all year
1 night/2 days (Soba making 1 hour 30 minutes; Cherry picking 1 hour; Harvesting of seasonal ingredients 30 minutes; Takeya Artificial Fishing Pond 2 hours; Akayu ramen 1 hour)
Minimum participants: 2


Telephone Number
0238-88-1831 0238-21-6226