◆Autumn Tour◆Enjoy Autumn’s Blessings and Culture in Multifaceted Ways(Institute Yonezawa Convention & Tourism Bureau YAMAGATA ARCADIA Tourism Bureau)

◆Autumn Tour◆Enjoy Autumn’s Blessings and Culture in Multifaceted Ways

Yamagata’s autumn delights are food and culture. Make washi paper, which has taken root in the Japanese lifestyle, and dye a silk handkerchief with safflower, which Yamagata is a major producer of. They make not only great experiences but also wonderful mementos. Upon arriving at a farmer’s guesthouse in the Nakatsugawa district, you will help the guesthouse harvest mushrooms and potatoes. You can get a further taste of local life by eating and talking with your hosts over foods, which will include lots of freshly collected ingredients. On the following day, you will play a board game against Mr. Takuya Ono, a board game journalist who is also a priest of Toshoji Temple. The priest’s collection of board games will blow you away. This tour will conclude with an Italian lunch at Farmhouse Restaurant Erbe. This plan lets you enjoy the blessings of autumn.

General Information

山形県長井市東町2番50号 米沢市丸の内1-4-13
Price for 2 people: ¥87,748
Price for 4 people: ¥135,496
* Includes ¥40,000 2-day interpreter fee.
* Does not include transportation expenses.
* ¥23,100 for 2 days if you rent a car; ¥81,000 if you hire a taxi.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Open all year
1 night/2 days (Washi paper making 30 minutes; Silk handkerchief dyeing 1 hour; Mushroom and potato harvesting 30 minutes; Board game at temple 1 hour)
Minimum participants: 2


Telephone Number
0238-88-1831 0238-21-6226