Autumn (November to December) [Spiritual Experience](Institute Yonezawa Convention & Tourism Bureau YAMAGATA ARCADIA Tourism Bureau)

A tour for discovering invisible mystical powers. Includes seeing a mummified monk and rosary making.

In this tour, discover invisible mystical powers by seeing a sokushinbutsu (a monk who turned himself into a mummy through asceticism) and making a rosary. At Kinoene-Daikokuten, one of Japan’s legendary temples, you will make an udenenju (rosary bracelet) consisting of gemstones of your choice. The priest will offer prayers to wish you fortune. At Zokoin Temple, you will see a sokushinbutsu, a rare artifact of which few exist in Japan. In the evening, you will stay at a farmer’s guesthouse. On the following day, you will watch Okagura (an ancient form of Japanese music and dance performed to the gods), which is Japan’s oldest traditional performing art that can only be viewed in two places in Japan. Lunch will be dishes made with Yamagata’s specialties. At Toshoji Temple, you will play a board game against Mr. Takuya Ono, who is a board game journalist as well as a priest. The priest’s collection of board games will blow you away.

General Information

山形県長井市東町2番50号 米沢市丸の内1-4-13
Price for 2 people: ¥110,676
Price for 4 people: ¥166,152
* Includes ¥40,000 2-day interpreter fee.
* Does not include transportation expenses.
* ¥23,100 for 2 days if you rent a car; ¥81,000 if you hire a taxi.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Open all year
1 night/2 days (Kinoene-Daikokuten 1 hour; Sokushinbutsu 30 minutes; Kumano Taisha Kagura 1 hour; Board game 1 hour)
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Limiting or guiding visitors, providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, ventilating indoor spaces, performing temperature checks, disinfecting used areas, etc.


Telephone Number
0238-88-1831 0238-21-6226