~ Sagae, Home of Japan’s Best Cherries ~ Cherry Picking

Enjoy exceptional Sagae-grown cherries to your heart’s content!

Yamagata Prefecture is one of the few places in Japan where the weather conditions are particularly suited to growing cherries. Within the prefecture, Sagae, the home of Japan’s best cherries, is blessed with excellent weather conditions and highly motivated growers who have taken over the cultivation of cherries. Sagae has been a famous cherry-growing area since the Meiji period. Surrounded by mountains and located at the confluence of the clear waters of the Sagae River and the Mogami River, the Sagae cherries nurtured in the rich natural environment have captured the hearts of people all over Japan. Be sure to enjoy the exceptional taste of these cherries.

General Information

Adults (junior high school students and older) ¥1,700 / elementary school students ¥1,000 / young children (3 years old and older) ¥700
Opening Times
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Open all year
All-you-can-eat for 60 minutes
Prices are subject to change, so please check in advance.


JA Sagae Nishimurayama Shunen Tourism Agriculture Information Center