Self-Mummified Monks at Yudonosan Ryusui-ji Dainichibo Temple, Yudonosan Churen-ji Temple

See self-mummified monks who have entered deep meditation to help those suffering from famine and disease.

A sokushinbutsu is a self-mummified monk who cleanses their sins and impurities through ascetic practices, who sacrifices themself to save people suffering from famine and disease, and who prays for the happiness of future generations. Therefore, a sokushinbutsu is fundamentally different from what you may think a mummy is. 

There is one sokushinbutsu in each of the Dainichibo and Churen-ji temples.

General Information

Entrance fee: 500 yen (Adults) for both Dainichibo and Churen-ji temples
40 minutes by car from Tsuruoka Station
Car Park
Available (Large parking lot is available)
Official Website
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