Lake Towada Winter Story Festival

Experience unique winter fun at Lake Towada!

The Lake Towada Winter Story Festival is a major annual event held at the mysterious, snow and ice-covered Lake Towada. 

The wondrous lakeside in winter becomes the stage for a tunnel made with blue LED lights, a gate of snow and light, snow lamps, illuminated Otome no Zo statues, and more. In addition to the winter fireworks that are launched into the clear night sky from 20:00 each day of the festival, the festival also offers plenty of regional cuisine and stage shows, including the Kamakura Bar where you can enjoy cocktails in ice glasses. There’s also plenty of unique winter fun including various attractions such as the large snow slide and snow banana boats.    

The large-scale main snow sculptures created by personnel from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Camp Hachinohe also attract attention! 

General Information

Opening Times
● About 40 minutes from the Kosaka Interchange or about 50 minutes from the Towada Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
● There is limited time-only service from JR Hachinohe Station to Lake Towada aboard a JR bus (Fuyu no Oirase)
● There is bus service (Lake Towada Winter Shuttle Bus) on the festival days from JR Shichinohe-Towada Station to Lake Towada
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