[Kaminoyama Onsen and Zao] Okama Crater

[Kaminoyama Onsen and Zao] Okama Crater

A 60-minute drive from the Kaminoyama city center. Go see Okama Crater, the symbol of Zao!

Okama, the symbol of Zao, is a mysterious crater lake with a beautiful emerald green color. You can go to see it by taking the “Green Echo” free shuttle bus from the Kaminoyama city center, getting off at the last stop named “Katta Chushajo” (Katta parking lot), and then taking the “Katta Lift.”
 ★ Katta Lift operation period
 Late April to early November
 During the winter, the Zao Echo Line leading to Okama is closed, so you cannot visit by car.

General Information

"Katta Lift fee
¥750 round trip for people 6 years old and older"
Opening Times
"Katta Lift hours of operation
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m."
The Katta Lift may not be operated during stormy weather


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