Autumn Leaves Guided Hiking Tour in the Ura-Iwate Mountains(Mt. Iwate Hachimantai Appi 50km Trail (Japan Long Trail Association))

Enjoy panoramic views of autumn leaves on Mt. Mitsuishi in the Ura-Iwate Mountains

Around September 25, like birds on their annual migration, the first snow of the season arrives in Mt. Taisetsu in Hokkaido and is when the autumn leaves season of Mt. Mitsuishi in Honshu begins. 

Broad-leaved trees such as maple, Erman’s birch, montane alder, and Japanese alpine cherry trees turn the mountains into a beautiful autumn scenery. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Matsukawa Onsen, the starting point of the trail, to reach this brilliant view. 

Mt. Mitsuishi is located right in the middle of the 50-km-long trail, and if the weather is good, it is fun to traverse the skyline above the clouds to Hachimantai. The kusamomiji (grass autumn colors) of Hachimantai is also breathtaking and worth catching. (Matsukawa Onsen, Hachimantai Hot Spring Resort, Matsukawa Geothermal Power Plant, Salad Farm) 

*The weather can change quickly in the autumn mountains. We recommend warm clothing and bringing rain gear and other equipment for day trip hikes.   

General Information

From 15,000 yen
*Please inquire for details.
Opening Times
Weekends and public holidays
By train
Tohoku Shinkansen: Tokyo Station→Morioka Station→Iwate Kenpoku Bus→Matsukawa Onsen
By car
Matsuo-Hachimantai Interchange (Tohoku Expressway)→Prefectural road→Matsukawa Onsen
Car Park
70 spaces
◎Hiking Program
◎Local guides: Iwate Alpine Guide Club, Hachimantai Mountain Guide Union, Iwate Mountain Guide, Hachimantai Resort’s Nature Guide Station, Ihatov Appi Kogen Nature School, Hachimantai Mountain Volunteer Guide


Hachimantai City Tourism Association (Mt. Iwate Hachimantai Appi 50km Trail [Japan Long Trail Association])
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