Tendo Cherry Blossom Festival: Human Shogi

Humans as shogi pieces? Human shogi at the summit of a mountain where the cherry blossoms bloom

Tendo in Yamagata Prefecture is famous as a producing area of shogi pieces. One of the major events in the spring in Tendo is the Tendo Cherry Blossom Festival: Human Shogi. This is held over two days in late April every year.

As the name of the festival implies, the shogi pieces are humans. Warriors in armor and helmets and chamber maids dressed in kimonos become shogi pieces. They then move on a giant shogi board according to the moves of professional shogi players. If you apply in advance, you can also become a warrior or chamber maid shogi piece. The venue is the summit of Mt. Maizuru where approximately 2,000 cherry blossoms bloom in profusion. Why don't you become a shogi piece on this giant shogi board with the scent of cherry blossoms drifting in the air and participate in this festival? After the end of the human shogi game, there are also events on the day you can participate in with an advance booking. For example, you can take part in a serious game with professional players or play while receiving guidance from them. Therefore, this will be an unbelievable day for shogi lovers.

After the festival, why don't you stay in Tendo Onsen and appreciate the weeping cherry trees alongside River Kurazu near the hot spring district? The best time to see the cherry trees planted over approximately 1.4 kilometers on both banks of the river is during this festival. They are also illuminated at night. It is an exceptional experience to view the cherry blossoms while walking through the magical row of weeping cherry trees.

General Information

Please use the shuttle bus in service from in front of JR Tendo Station and Tendo City Hall.
April every year
Shiroyama, Tendo-aza, Tendo-shi, Yamagata


Tendo Cherry Blossom Festival Executive Committee
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