[Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture] Fishing and eating in Kamaishi Bay (Lunch)

Experience sea fishing at a fishing ground recommended by local fishermen, and have an excellent lunch with your catch!

Set sail in a small fishing boat where you will be taken to the best fishing spots known only to the knowledgeable local fishermen familiar with Kamaishi Bay. 

Even beginners can try their hand at sea fishing; the fisherman will teach you. 

You can catch a variety of fish such as flounder, fat greenling, flat fish, mackerel, and cod depending on the season. 

The fish you catch will be cooked by the chef at the Uogashi (fish market) Terrace restaurant and serve it to you for lunch. You can also choose to take the fish home.

General Information

10,000 yen or more per person
*Includes chartered boat, rod and bait
*A simple fishing lesson is available
*Lunch is included
Opening Times
Weekdays 9:00-17:00
Weekends 9:00-17:00
Mondays, New Year's holiday
By train: a 25-minute walk from Kamaishi Station (Sanriku Railway Rias Line or JR Kamaishi Line)
By bus: a 3-minute walk from the Iwate Kotsu "Shiei Biru-mae" bus stop
By car: 10 minutes from the Kamaishi Chuo Interchange (Sanriku Expressway)
Car Park
Official Website
Uogashi Terrace official website
Uogashi Terrace
6 hours
1) 6:30: Assembly, orientation
2) 7:00: Departure
3) 10:00: Return to port
4) 11:00: Lunch
5) 12:30: Disband
*The departure and return times may change due to earlier sundown depending on the season.
*If you have any food allergies, please inform registering.


Kamaishi Uogashi Nigiwai-kan, Uogashi Terrace
Telephone Number
E-mail address

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