ONSEN & Gastronomy Walking on Mt. Iwaki

Enjoy all that Mt. Iwaki has to offer: walk, eat, and bathe!

The Iwakiyama area has a magnificent and beautiful natural environment: unique food such as Matagi-meshi (rice cooked in a small pot with meats and vegetables), said to have been a favorite food of hunters; Dakekimi, a local sweetcorn which is now a national brand; and hot springs that have been welcoming bathers since the feudal era. 

Since 2017, they have been developing this event as the ONSEN & Gastronomy Walking Event in order for people to experience all these things together. 

The event provides an opportunity to leisurely experience the landscape and nature of the region, eat delicious foods unique to the region, and to soak and feel rejuvenated in a hot spring bath. 

Spend a relaxing time at a hot spring resort and cleanse both the body and mind. 

Event Period:  Late August 2022 (planned)

Time: 7:30-15:00 

Place: Iwaki Culture Center Asobe-ru (1-18-4 Oaza Yoshita, Hirosaki, Aomori)- Iwakiyama Shrine

General Information

ONSEN & Gastronomy Walking Event Fee: 2000 yen
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Iwakisan Tourist Association Official Website
Clothing is specified (white clothing such as white t-shirts, white pants, and white shoes)


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