Roadside Station Karamushiori-no Sato Showa

Conveys the culture of karamushiori - also called the oldest textile in Japan

Karamushiori is an ancient fabric made from the fibers of a plant called choma (ramie). It is also called Japan's oldest fabric. It is a precious cloth that was once woven all over Japan and given as a cloth for gifts. Its quality, which is said to far exceed that of hemp, is rated as being at the highest grade for summer clothes. This is because it has a great feel while having great absorbency and being quick-drying.

Roadside Station Karamushiori-no Sato Showa in Fukushima Prefecture is a spot like a mini-theme park. In addition to enjoying textile experiences in Orihime Koryukan (reservations required in advance), the facility is adjacent to the Karamushi Craft Museum which conveys the history of karamushi, the Local Food Traditions Hall Choma-an where you can savor local cuisine and a shop which sells goods made with the special product of karamushi. 

Showa Village, where this spot is located, is a place where high-quality choma is cultivated for fine quality plain-woven hemp cloth in which karamushi cultivation techniques have been handed down without break through the generations. The traditional culture in which most of the processes - from cultivation to weaving - are done by hand lives on quietly in this mountain village. This culture continues to spin the feelings of the predecessors in the area and to weave the soul. Why don't you stop by and try coming into contact with this magical fabric?

General Information

Opening Times
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mondays and Tuesdays from December to March
December 29 to January 3
Car Park


Roadside Station Karamushiori-no Sato Showa: Orihime Koryukan
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