Sappa Boat Ride

Take a cruise around imposing cliffs in a small fishing boat operated by a local fisherman!

Sappa-sen are small boats used by fishermen along the Rikuchu Coast for catching sea urchin, abalone, and other small-scale gillnet fishing. In order to travel efficiently along the complex coastline, the more experienced a fisherman becomes, the more they travel directly to fishing grounds through large holes in the cape and between reefs.

This tour reproduces the thrilling routes taken by fishermen and allows you to explore the sea. Feel the power of the 200-metre-high cliffs as you look directly up at them from a small boat while rocking on the waves! The manoeuvring techniques of the fishermen weaving between the rocks is something to see. The cliffs and oddly-shaped rocks become dynamic as they pass by so close that you can touch them. The shaking of the small boat and its tilt when it changes course is the essence of adventure. This is not a gimmick. The sensations you feel all over your body are as if you are at an attraction in a theme park. Enjoy your tour while interacting with the fisherman, which will make 60 minutes fly by in no time.

Reservations must be made by 17:00 the previous day, but same-day tours may also be arranged.

General Information

3,500 yen/person (private tours are 7,000 yen/person)
Opening Times
Sightseeing taxi (six roundtrips daily, 500 yen one way) from Tanohata Station on the Sanriku Railway. Reservation required (Tanohata Kanko Taxi 0194-33-2121)
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