Yamabiko Susupension Bridge

Yamabiko Tsuribashi

A hidden location from which to enjoy a majestic view of the Zao Mountains

Spanning 120m over the Yokokawa Gorge, the Yamabiko Suspension Bridge in Yokokawa Keikoku Park is the largest suspension bridge in the Tohoku region. The bridge is a little-known location from which to enjoy stunning views in peaceful natural surroundings. Listening to murmuring streams and singing birds, this is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Walking over the bridge above the Yokokawa River visitors can enjoy the crystal clear waters flowing underneath and scenic views of Mount Fubo and the surrounding mountains. The view from the bridge is exceptionally beautiful when surrounded by the fresh green foliage of spring and summer or the autumnal changing leaves.

The suspension bridge rises to a maximum of 20m above ground level and although it is strongly anchored and safe, a walk along the steel grating of the bridge is sure to provide a thrill as visitors look down to the river waters below.

There is a 15-minute walking trail to Lake Choro whose mirror-like surface reflects majestic views of Mount Fubo. Pleasure boat rides are available and there are a gift shop and café for refreshments.

The Yamabiko Suspension Bridge and Lake Choro have been selected as part of the “36 scenic views of Zao, Miyagi”. Come and enjoy the photogenic scenery!

The nearby Nametsu Waterfall is also well worth a visit!

Shiroishi, Zao

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