Ichinoseki Hot Spring Area

A hidden gem known only to insiders - a spa town where people have been taking the waters since ancient times

This hot spring area lies along Route 342 that leads from Ichinoseki city through to Akita Prefecture. A group of hot springs, including Sukawa, Kamikura, Sannohsan, Genbikei and Horyu, are collectively referred to as Ichinoseki Hot Spring Area.

The hot springs that well up at various points along the banks of the Iwai River that runs down from the 1,627m peak of Mr. Kurikoma have since ancient times been considered to have healing properties and have been appreciated as spas. Each of the hot springs along the way has its own individual characteristics, including water properties and size. 

In the vicinity are the Genbikei and Geibikei gorges, and also the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chuson-ji Temple in Hiraizumi. Visitors can therefore enjoy the rich natural scenery of southern Iwate Prefecture and stunning historic buildings, combined with a visit to a hot spring.

After enjoying the tourist delights of Ichinoseki, why not lie back and relax as you soak away your tiredness in the rejuvenating waters of the hot springs?

General Information

Between 10 minutes to 1 hour by car from Ichinoseki Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
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