Kaidan Kokudo (Staircase National Route)

A national road with stairs? The only national route in Japan that cannot be driven

National Route 339, which extends to Cape Tappi, known as the Staircase National Route, is the only national route in Japan with a stairway, with a total length of 388.2 meters and an elevation difference of approximately 70 meters, with 362 steps that runs from the cape to a lighthouse.

There are various stories as to why this has become a national road. One is that the person in charge at that time did not check the actual location and only looked at a map before designating it as a national road.

The stairs that climb the wind-swept slope overlooking the Tsugaru Strait make for a scenic path. There are benches along the way, so you can take a break during your walk. If you have the stamina, why not give it a try for a fun topic to talk about.

General Information

Path may be closed in the winter due to weather
A short walk after getting off the bus at Tappizaki Todai Lighthouse from Minmaya Station on the JR Tsugaru Line
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