Mt. Iwate

The highest peak in Iwate and known as "Nanbukata Fuji."

Mt. Iwate is a volcano with an elevation of 2,038 metres, and is one of Japan's 100 Top Mountains. The mountain area is designated as Towada-Hachimantai National Park. The mountain looks like Mt. Fuji and is also called ""Nanbukata Fuji"" because it looks like one side of the mountain has been split off. Depending on the angle, it looks just like Mt. Fuji. The contrast between the majestic mountain landscape and the rural landscape at the foot of the mountain is truly picturesque.

During the summer mountaineering season, which starts every year on 1 July, many climbers from all over the country visit the mountain and aim for the summit. Near the summit, you will find many beautiful alpine plants, such as Komakusa (Dicentra peregrina). The summit offers a 360-degree panorama, with views of Mt. Iwaki, Mt. Hakkoda, and Mt. Chokai in the distance. Mt. Iwate has seven unique mountain paths, and is characterised by the fact that you can enjoy multiple types of mountain trekking by combining mountain climbing and descending routes.

* The volcano has erupted five times in the past. Exercise caution when climbing, including being aware of changes in the weather. Post your route card in the box in case of emergency.

General Information

● About 20 minutes from Takizawa Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
● About 40 minutes by taxi from JR Morioka Station
● About 20 minutes by taxi from Takizawa Station on the IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway
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