Kitakata: Town of Kura (Storehouses)

Inspire nostalgia for the good old days

This is a town where many travelers gather as Kitakata - Town of Kura (Storehouses). The streets are lined with stately dozo (thick earthen walled storehouses) that bring to mind former prosperity.

The kura of Kitakata still now play a role as containers of life lived in and used by people. The area is characterized by the kura found in the back alleys and the settlements on the outskirts of town in addition to those on the main street. 

The classic way to spend your time here is to eat Kitakata ramen and then stroll around the area near Fureai-dori Avenue. In addition to a kurayashiki (the feudal lord's city storehouse) and sake brewery that you can visit, there are also miso kura, confectionary shops and other stores. This means you can have fun walking around the town.

General Information

Access to Kitakata:
●Kitakata Station on the JR Banetsu West Line
●National Highway 121 from Aizuwakamatsu IC on the Banetsu Expressway
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KITAKATA Tourism and Product Association
(Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.)
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