Hashino Iron Mining

A registered UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest surviving Western-style blast furnace in Japan

The Hashino Iron Mining is the oldest surviving Western-style blast furnace in Japan. At the time, it was the largest iron mine in the country and can be described as the birthplace of modern steelmaking that supported Japan's modern steelmaking industry and contributed to the development of the country. It demonstrates the operating status and business situation at the time, and is extremely valuable as a historic site that symbolises the modernisation of the steelmaking industry in Japan. The mine is registered as a national historic site and a World Cultural Heritage.

If you visit without any prior knowledge of the mine, the value of the mine may not be apparent to you. Visiting this site will become a much more interesting experience if you contact the Kamaishi Tourism and Local Products Association and arrange a local tour in advance, or use the augmented reality sightseeing guide app. It is also recommended that you go to the Iron and Steel History Museum in Kamaishi first to learn more about the lifeless iron industry at the time.

The mining site is situated in the rich mountain nature, so beware of bears, deer, snakes, bees, and horseflies. Don't forget to wear a good pair of walking shoes, too.

General Information

Opening Times
Open year round (visiting may be difficult when there is snow on the ground)

Hashino Iron Mine Information Center
Hours: 1 April - 8 December every year Open from: 09:30-16:30
(TEL 0193-54-5250)
● About 50 minutes by car from JR Kamaishi Station
● About 35 minutes by car from JR Tono Station
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