Goishi Coast

The Sanriku Coast's most well known scenic area

The Goishi Coast is a beautiful scenic coastline. You can enjoy the changing scenery including Anatoshiiso Rock, which consists of three cave arches.

It is also part of the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail where you can feel the dynamic seascape on a course designed to weave in and out of pine forests. It is an area where flowers bloom in the warm and cold currents, and flowers peculiar to the coast and flowers growing naturally in the mountains come together, which makes it a great place to take a stroll while appreciating the plants and flowers. The coast is also a breeding ground for seabirds such as black-tailed gulls. The hallmark of the Goishi Coast is that you can see a wide variety of animals and plants. Enjoy the trail where you can feel the power of the Earth while being stirred by the sea breeze.

There is also a beautiful fully-equipped campsite where you can hear the roar of the sea and enjoy a pine forest. The campsite is popular with families because it is so close to the sea as well as animal and plant lives.

Taking a Goishi Coast Anatoshisen boat cruise is also recommended. It is a thrilling ride that takes you through the cave arches of Anatoshiiso Rock by a boatman who skilfully manoeuvres the boat!

Sanriku Coast

General Information

Opening Times
08:30-17:15 (excluding the year-end and New Year's holiday)
● About 10 minutes from Goishikaigan Interchange and about 15 minutes from Rikuzentakata Interchange on the Sanriku Expressway
● About 10 minutes by taxi from BRT Goishikaiganguchi Station on the JR Ofunato Line
Car Park
● 79 spaces for regular cars
● 13 spaces for large vehicles
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