Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle

The chalk-white walls of Japan’s northernmost remaining castle provide the perfect contrast for picturesque scenes of blue skies, cherry blossoms and pure white blankets of snow

Located in Hirosaki (Oyo) Park, Hirosaki Castle is the northernmost remaining castle tower in Japan and is designated an Important Cultural Property. Along with the castle tower, the castle gates, bridges and moats are well preserved allowing visitors to travel back in time to the Edo Period. As one of Japan’s few remaining major castles it is a popular destination for people wanting to enjoy its historic beauty.

Particular highlights include the castle tower, five castle gates and three watchtowers. The vermillion Gejo Bridge is the ideal location for photos of the majestic castle. The black and white castle tower stands in stunning contrast with the bright vermillion bridge. Be sure to look out for the Shachihoko (a tiger-headed carp from Japanese folklore) on the roof of the three-storey castle keep. A rickshaw ride is the smart way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the vast grounds of this castle park.

The park is home to 50 varieties of cherry blossoms, over 2,600 trees in all. Their origin dates back to 1715 when the Tsugaru clan ordered 25 cherry blossom trees from Kyoto and planted them in the grounds of Hirosaki Castle. Don’t miss the breath-taking views known as ““Hanaikada” of the “Sakura Carpet” of cherry blossom petals floating on or covering the water surface of the outer moat!

Two million domestic and international visitors come to one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom viewing festivals, the “Hirosaki Sakura Festival “ taking place in Hirosaki Park from late April to early May. Along with the Sakura Festival each spring, other festivals taking place here include the Autumn Leaves Festival and Chrysanthemum Festival in autumn and the Snow Lantern Festival in winter. Hirosaki Park is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of seasonal beauty. From brilliant chrysanthemum figures and vibrant autumnal colours to the graceful views of the castle blanketed in snow and magical scenes of illuminated snow huts in winter, the park is waiting for you!

A number of other popular attractions are nearby including Tsugaru-han Neputa Village, a local culture museum with a market area of traditional arts and crafts, Fujita Memorial Garden, a Western style residence in beautiful contrast to its Japanese garden, and when you are ready for a break there is even a popular local branch of Starbucks located in an officially recognised Tangible Cultural Property. Be sure to combine your visit to Hirosaki Castle with a trip to these attractions!

General Information

1-day ticket (admission to 1 attraction)
Adults: 310 yen
Children: 100 yen

1-day ticket (combined ticket)
Combined ticket includes Hirosaki Castle, Hirosaki Castle Botanical Garden and Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden
Adults: 510 yen
Children: 160 yen
*Prices in brackets ( ) are for groups of 10 or more
* Free for elementary school or younger children
Opening Times
Admission-free area
Open 24 hours

Paid-entry area
9:00-17:00 from April 1 to November 23
7:00-21:00 during the Sakura Festival
Vary depending on the area
30 minutes on foot from JR Hirosaki Station

10 minutes by taxi from JR Hirosaki Station

15 minutes by bus from JR Hirosaki Station a 5 minute walk from Shiyakusyo-mae
Car Park
Parking available at various locations around the park
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