Observe the atmosphere like that of going back in time overseas and splendid decorations!

The Yamagata Prefectural Government Building and Prefectural Assembly Building, which were actually used until 1975, have been repaired with a commitment to using the construction method at the time they were built. These are now open to the public for free as the Yamagata Prefectural Folk Museum Bunshokan.

The appearance of the building, which was built in 1916, is brickwork based on the British early modern revival style. Furthermore, the outer walls of the former prefectural government building are covered with stones. This gives it a dignified feel. The clock tower with its four faces that is the symbol of the Bunshokan is the second oldest clock tower currently operating in Japan after the one in Sapporo. Watchmakers manually operate the weights that move the pendulum once every five days and use it carefully. Thanks to that, it continues to tell the time to this day.

Numerous luxurious decorations remain inside the building. There is an overawing feeling of Western-style architecture in the entrance hall that you first catch sight of when you enter inside. Even the stair handrails are decorated. The landing is where you will find a lovely stained glass window in the motif of a laurel wreath. There are stucco decorations illuminated by the fine skills of the craftsmen on the ceiling of the official reception hall (now called the auditorium) located immediately after you go up the stairs. Special products of Yamagata Prefecture (e.g., safflower and cherries) are hidden here, so please take a look for them. The other rooms are also luxuriously decorated. For example, there are parquet floors made with a combination of timber and carpets woven in Yamagata. If you have enough time, we recommend you look around while being accompanied by a free guide.

General Information

Opening Times
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
First and third Monday of every month (the next day if that Monday is a public holiday or national holiday) and December 29 to January 3
●1 minute on foot after getting off at Shiyakusho-mae by fixed route bus via the City Hall from JR Yamagata Station
●Approx. 10 minutes by car from Yamagata Zao IC on the Yamagata Expressway
Car Park
Yes (40 spaces)
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