Sukayu Onsen

Sukayu Onsen

A traditional hot spring known as the “1,000 person bath” nestled in the Hakkoda Mountains

Known as “Hiba Sennin Buro” (the 1,000 person bath), Sukayu Onsen is a traditional hot spring famous for its large mixed-gender bath. The bath is constructed with Japanese cypress and is filled with classic charm and the scent of sulphur.

With a history stretching back 300 years, Sukayu Onsen is known as one of the earliest locations that people visited to experience the health benefits of a hot spring treatment. It was one of the first hot springs recognised as a national hot spring health resort. Legend has it that a deer once bathed in the hot spring to cure a wound giving rise to the hot spring’s original name of “Shikayu” (the deer’s hot spring). Later the Onsen was known as “Sukayu” (acid hot spring) because of its highly acidic water. The hot spring water is said to be beneficial for muscle aches, arthralgia, and relieving fatigue and cold hands and feet. After a long day of trekking or skiing in the Hakkoda Mountains, soothe your sore muscles in this relaxing bath!

The effort of getting to this incredible Onsen is richly rewarded by the unique experience of mixed-gender bathing at “Hiba Sennin Buro”! For those wanting privacy there are wooden screens separating space for men and women in the bath and bathing dresses are available at the shop. The milky white water also provides an additional layer of camouflage!

General Information

Single entry Senjin Buro or Tama no yu
Adults: 600 yen
Elementary students or younger: 300 yen

Combined entry Senjin Buro and Tama no yu
Adults: 1000 yen
Elementary students or younger: 500 yen
Opening Times
Senjin Buro (mixed bath) open 7:00-18:00 (women only 8:00-9:00)

Tama no yu (gender-segregated baths) open 9:00-17:00
60 minutes by JR bus bound for Lake Towada from JR Aomori Station (get off at Sukayu Onsen-mae)
60 minutes by car from Aomori Airport (drive national route 4 and 103 to Hakkoda and Lake Towada)
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Sukayu Onsen
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