Tanesashi Coast

Tanesashi Kaigan

Enjoy a walk with pleasant sea breezes along this coast of beautiful grass fields!

The Tanesashi Coast is located in the Sanriku Fukko National Park, a designated place of scenic beauty. Stretching along the coast for 12km, the area is home to over 600 types of plants and visitors can discover the unique and diverse plant life from spring to autumn. A walk along the coastal path provides visitors with a kaleidoscopic scenery of colourful flowers, verdant lawns, uniquely shaped rock formations, a 100-year-old pine grove and flocks of friendly black-tailed gulls. The plants and flowers are at their best from May to October.

The long stretch of coastline consists of four areas. At the northern end is Kabushima Island. A large number of black-tailed gulls known as “Umineko” nests here from March to August. Umineko gulls were believed to guide local fishermen to profitable fishing points. The gulls were also thought by locals to be messengers of the Goddess Benzaiten enshrined in Kabushima Shrine on the hilltop of Kabushima. Join the locals in picking up a unique Umineko Omikuji (fortune paper) at this shrine popular for wishing for good evaluations!

Heading south you will reach Ashigezaki Observatory and the Osuga Coast. This area’s attractions are the chalk-white Samekado Lighthouse, the ancient fortress-like Ashigezaki Observatory, the rocky shore of Nakasuka known as the shore of flowers (with colourful flowers in bloom from mid-June to mid-July) and the whistling sands of the Osuga Coast.

Further on is the area of the Tanesashi Natural Lawns. Highlights are the 100-year-old pine grove Yodo-no-Matsubara, the massive White Rock discoloured by Japanese cormorants’ droppings and the iconic green scenery of the Tanesashi Natural Lawns. The verdant grass fields spreading to the water’s edge offer a superb view of contrasting blue and green!

The southernmost section is the Okuki area. Highlights here include the thatched-roof Beach Hut where visitors can get a sense of the traditional life of the local fishermen and Itsukushima Shrine on Benten Island. The shrine was made famous when part of its traditional red gates washed up on the California coast following the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami. The gate was later restored during a peaceful and solemn ceremony of remembrance.

In addition to the delightful walking path the Tanesashi Coast can also be efficiently navigated on the “Umineko” sightseeing bus.

General Information

30 minutes by train from Hachinohe Station to Tanesashi Kaigan Station on JR Hachinohe Line and a 3 minute walk

10 minutes by car from Tanesashikaigan-Hashikamidake IC on Hachinohe-Kuji Expressway
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