Gaga Onsen

An inn with a secluded hot spring that opened 150 years ago

Gaga Onsen is an inn with a secluded hot spring that stands at the foot of the Zao Mountain Range. This hot spring flows constantly straight from its source. It is well-known as one of Japan's three major hot springs for gastrointestinal disorders. The hot spring is one that has been said since long ago to be good for the gastrointestinal tract if drunk and good for the skin if entered.

The area is also rich in nature because it is found in the mountains where even cell phones do not ring. The activities of nature - from the fresh greenery in spring to the deep greenery in the summer and the colored leaves in the fall - are well worth seeing. You can realize the luxury of doing nothing here.

The roads may be closed in the winter or due to disasters. Therefore, please take care with your route if you will visit by car.

General Information

●Approx. 35 minutes from Shiroishi IC or Murata IC on the Tohoku Expressway
●Get off at Miyagi Zao Royal Hotel - the Miyagi Kotsu Bus Terminal - from Shiroishi-Zao Station on the JR Tohoku Shinkansen and Gaga Onsen will then pick you up (contact required)
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