Aomori City Namioka Exchange Center Apiness

Connected directly to Namioka Station, enjoy snow even in the summer!

The center is a multipurpose facility that communicates the charms of the Namioka area.

The ""Snow Experience Room"" offers a chance to experience snow through an igloo and snowman even in mid-summer.

In the ""Apple Orchard,"" there are about 50 trees and 10 varieties of apples planted, and you can see the trees full of fruit from August to November. You can also take part in various tasks during the growing process, such as harvesting the apples.

The center also has a corner with display panels of creatures living in the Namioka area, such as fireflies, crayfish, and owls.

It is directly connected to Namioka Station and also has a cafe.

General Information

Opening Times
[April to November] 09:00 to 19:00
[December to March] 09:00 to 18:00
31 December and 1 January
Directly connected to Namioka Station on the JR Ou Main Line
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