Akakura Onsen

The number one hot spring in Tohoku for the quantity of its hot water! A hot spring district with its own source for each ryokan (Japanese inn)

The pride of Akakura Onsen is without doubt its abundant quantity of hot water. The quantity of this hot water is said to be the greatest in Tohoku. All the ryokan (Japanese inns) here have their own individual sources. This hot spring was opened more than 1,100 years ago in 863. The story goes that hot water gushed forth when Jikaku Daishi dug into a rock with his cane. Maybe a hot spring will gush forth even today if you dig up the River Oguni that flows through the middle of the hot spring district!

The hot springs that gush forth from the private sources experience almost no deterioration in the hot water. Accordingly, they enjoy a reputation for having hot water with a high degree of freshness. The spring qualities vary slightly depending on the source. Therefore, we recommend you tour around these hot springs. Please use the Oku no Hosomichi Akakura Yukemuri Kan day trip hot spring and the day trip bathing of each ryokan. The real pleasure of touring the hot springs is experiencing the atmosphere that is completely different at each facility. For example, there is a open air bath in a Japanese garden, a rock bath made by carving out natural boulders and an open air bath so large you can swim in it.

The Akakura Onsen Ski Resort is open in the winter. This is a ski resort with a wealth of advanced courses: a slope course that allows you to glide down deep uncompacted snow and a course derived from the professional skier Toshihiro Kaiwa who was born in Mogami where Akakura Onsen is located. There are also beginner and intermediate courses, a cross-country area and a children's sled area. Therefore, this is a slope where everybody - from children to advanced skiers - can have fun. After having fun on the ski slope, you can soothe your tiredness by warming up your cold body in a hot spring.

General Information

●Approx. 6 minutes by municipal bus from JR Akakura Onsen Station
●Approx. 40 minutes by car from JR Shinjo Station


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