Sendai Asaichi

Sendai Ameyoko: loved by locals

Sendai Asaichi morning market is the kitchen for the citizens of Sendai right next to Sendai Station. It is said that its origins lie with an open-air market that opened in front of Sendai Station directly after the war. Even though it is called a morning market, it also opens during the day and at night. If you use Sendai Station, be sure to stop by. You can see the lively Sendai with the local atmosphere fully on display - a sight that is different to morning markets for tourists. 

The foodstuffs it handles include fresh fish, processed marine products, paste products, vegetables, fruits, meats, pickles, side dishes and other traditional and ordinary foods from Tohoku centered mainly on Miyagi. Above all, your appetite will be stirred by the fresh fish that can truly be called the jewel box of Sanriku. These include a catch in the top class of Japan for Shiogama tuna and Kesennuma skipjack tuna as well as Onagawa sea squirt, Ishinomaki sea urchin and scallops. 

Please discover bargains in this authentic morning market used by locals.

General Information

Opening Times
Differs depending on the shop
(Generally 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
Differs depending on the shop
●Approx. 10 minutes from Sendai Miyagi IC and approx. 20 minutes from Sendai Minami IC on the Tohoku Expressway
●Approx. 5 minutes on foot from JR Sendai Station
Car Park
There is no private parking lot. There is a partner parking lot.
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Sendai Asaichi Shotengai Promotion Association
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