Soma Nakamura Shrine and Nakamura Castle Ruins

Soma Nakamura Jinja / Nakamura Joseki

See the horses of this shrine standing on former castle grounds

Soma Nakamura Castle was the centre of the regional government for 260 years after being built in 1611. Although the castle was demolished in the late 19th century, its stone walls, earthworks and moats can still be seen along with a reproduced main gate.

Nakamura Castle Ruins is now known as Baryo Park and is a popular place of recreation and relaxation for locals. The park is also a popular springtime cherry blossom viewing location. The rows of cherry blossom trees are illuminated with traditional paper lanterns at night. During the summer festival the park fills with visitors to enjoy the “Soma Nomaoi”, officially recognised as an “Important Intangible Cultural Attraction”.

Located on the hillside of the former castle grounds, the Soma Nakamura Shrine was constructed in 1643 and came to be known as “Soma no Myoken-sama” in the 19th century. Visitors come to see the shrine’s horses and a number of its historic buildings that have been designated as Important Cultural Properties.

Visitors can ride and feed the horses, a unique experience in this shrine’s sacred atmosphere!

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Soma Nakamura Shrine
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