Oga Hot Spring Village

Base yourself here to enjoy sightseeing in Oga, the hometown of Namahage!

The Oga Peninsula is the home of the strange creatures known as Namahage, demons with terrifying expressions that go around to the houses asking, “Are there any cry-babies?” The Oga Hot Spring Village is the perfect hot spring area to fully enjoy a trip to Oga. Taiko drum performances during which you can interact with Namahage are also conducted in the hot spring village on an irregular basis. 

The Namahage Shuttle bus travels between the Oga Hot Spring Village and major sightseeing spots in Oga such as the Namahage Museum, and Oga Aquarium GAO, allowing you to enjoy sightseeing in Oga with the Oga Hot Spring Village as your base. It’s also recommended to view sunset at Cape Nyudozaki, one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful sunset viewing locations, via the Kando no Yuhi-go bus. The sunset viewing bus makes the round trip from a hotel within the hot spring village and Cape Nyudozaki in conjunction with the sunset time. 

The Netsu no Yu warms the entire body with water that includes salt to resemble ocean water particles, and the salt that sticks to the skin prevents sweat evaporation. 

The famous specialty you should eat in Oga is known as Ishiyaki. It is an exciting fisherman’s dish that involves putting fresh seafood and other ingredients into a bucket, throwing in a bright red, smouldering-hot stone, and having it instantly simmer. There are numerous hot spring inns that offer this dish. 

General Information

●About 1 hour and 30 minutes from Akita Airport aboard the Akita Airportliner “Oga Onsenkyo Go”
●About 40 minutes by shuttle bus from Oga Station on the JR Oga Line
● About 50 minutes from the Showa-Ogahanto Interchange on the Akita Expressway


Oga Hot Spring Village Cooperative
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