Nakanoshima Bridge Park

Clam-gathering and camping

Nakanoshima Bridge Park is a park within Lake Jusanko. If you cross the 250-meter pedestrian bridge, you will find expansive, abundant nature where many wild birds live. It’s a spot where you can enjoy outdoor activities at your leisure such as clam-gathering and camping. 

On the grounds, there are facilities such as camping grounds, cabins, a go-cart area, athletic fields, clam-gathering areas, and a historical and ethnographic museum, making it perfect for having a fun time with your family. You can borrow tents and barbeque grills at the camping grounds, so you don’t need to bring anything to enjoy camping. 

It’s also great to go gather clams at Lake Jusanko, a prominent clam production area in Japan. The season is from late April to mid-October each year. Savour the abundant nature that you can’t get in the city!  

General Information

500 yen for 1 tent

14,400 yen for a 6-person cabin, 12,000 yen for a 4-person cabin

300 yen for 1 bag
Opening Times
April to November
December to March
●About 70 minutes from the Namioka Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
●About a 3 minute walk from the “Nakanoshima Koen Iriguchi” bus stop from Goshogawara Station
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