Tsuru-no-Mai Bridge

Tsuru-no-Mai Hashi

Japan’s longest wooden bridge known for its lucky blessings of longevity

The 300m triple-arched Tsuru-no-Mai Bridge is Japan’s longest wooden bridge and is made from locally produced Hiba (Japanese cypress) trees. The bridge spans a section of Lake Tsugaru Fujimi with magnificent views of Mount Iwaki. The bridge was constructed in 1994 using traditional Japanese architectural techniques. Locals and tourists alike love the bridge for the warmth of its wooden finish and elegant arches.

The bridge gained fame thanks to its appearance on a TV advertisement for Japan Rail. Visitors come from all over the country to take a photo of the bridge and its beautiful surrounding scenery. The view is exceptional at sunset with the changing hues of the sky from orange to red in the background of the bridge.

The bridge is also known as a lucky location. The Tsuru (crane) is a symbol of longevity in Japan. Locals say that crossing the bridge ensures a long life. The grand view of Mount Iwaki from Tsuru-no-Mai Bridge is said to bring good luck and purification for body and soul. On top of that, the surrounding Tanchozuru Natural Park is known as a lucky location for love and marriage as it is home to a pair of red-crested white cranes.

Tanchozuru Natural Park is a popular location for spotting red-crested white cranes, a species unique to Japan, while Fujimi Lake Park on the opposite shore is perfect for relaxation and recreation where visitors can enjoy picnicking, fishing and rowing boats!

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