Jozenji-dori Avenue

Symbol of Sendai - City of Trees - with a row of zelkova trees!

Various events are held throughout the year on Jozenji-dori Avenue. This is a road that symbolizes Sendai. It has an arch of zelkova trees that continues on the center on Sendai over approximately 700 meters from east to west. Visitors are charmed by the Sendai Aoba Festival in the spring, a Tanabata (Star Festival) parade in the summer, the Jozenji-dori Avenue Street Jazz Festival in Sendai in the fall and the popular SENDAI Pageant of Lights illumination event which sees the row of zelkova trees shining like jewels in the winter.

Sculptures line the route on the median strip. These include the Natsu-no Omoide (Memories of Summer) bronze statue produced by the Italian artist Emilio Greco. It is like a little open-air art gallery. Ordering a drink for takeout at a nearby cafe and sitting on a bench on the route is a nice way to pass the time leisurely. The area is also perfect for shopping and taking a walk.

General Information

Get off at Kotodai-Koen Station on the Sendai Subway Nanboku Line
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