Tashiro Island

A must-see for cat lovers and one of Japan's best fishing spots too!

Tashiro Island is a small island approximately 15km southeast of the Kitakami River mouth, with a circumference of 11.5 km. Surrounded by stunning cobalt blue seas it is famed for its natural scenic beauty.

The islanders have since ancient times cherished cats as the guardian deity of large fishing catches, and the Neko-Kamisama (Cat Shrine) is situated in the centre of the island. Cats outnumber human residents and all of them are friendly and have their own individual characters. The sight of the cats all living freely really has to be seen to be believed and cat-lovers will think they have arrived in feline heaven! Enjoy yourself on the island and abide by these simple rules: do not feed the cats, don’t take pictures in the middle of the road, and don’t pick up kittens and separate them from their mother.

Why not stay overnight and enjoy a sea view or delicious seafood in a minshuku that offers a different experience to a city hotel or ryokan? A relaxing night on the island may be just what you need.

General Information

From JR Ishinomaki Station to the dock  
Both Ishinomaki central dock and Ishinomaki Kadowaki dock are 10 minutes by taxi from Ishinomaki Station

From the dock to Tashiro Island
● 40 minutes by ferry from the Ishinomaki central dock to Tashiro Island (Odomari or Nitoda ports)
● 30 minutes by ferry from the Ishinomaki Kadowaki dock to Tashiro Island (Odomari or Nitoda ports)

For timetables please contact Ajishima Line Ferries (0225-93-6125)
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Community Promotion Section, Reconstruction Policy Dept., Ishinomaki City Hall
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