Hakkoda Snow Corridor

Hakkoda Yuki-no Kairo

Experience a breath-taking drive between 10m high walls of snow!

The Hakkoda Snow Corridor is a driving route between the Hakkoda Hotel at Sukayu Onsen and Yachi Onsen that reopens on the 1st of April each year, a local signifier of the start of spring following the road’s winter closure. The snow walls on either side of the road can reach up to 10m in height.

The silvery-white walls of snow towering on either side of the road are awe-inspiring. The best time to enjoy the dynamic snow walls is early April but visitors can see this unique scenery until early May. Be mesmerised by this rarely viewed scenery of silvery-white snow walls in beautiful contrast with the beaming blue skies above. A day-drive combining the snow-walled Hakkoda Corridor and Hirosaki Park’s blooming cherry blossoms is an unforgettable experience!

The “Hakkoda Snow Corridor and Onsen Walk” is a celebrated eight-kilometre walk from Sukayu Onsen to Yachi Onsen taking place a few days ahead of the road’s reopening every year. Participants enjoy a soak in a hot spring after their walk. A bus tour is available to join this unique walk and Onsen experience!

General Information

Opening Times
Opens on April 1 every year
60 minutes by car from Shin-Aomori Station
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