Nature’s heavenly creation at the northern tip of mainland Japan, a designated national natural monument

Hotokegaura is a unique 2km stretch of rock formations along the western coast of the Shimokita Peninsula. Although formed by the erosion of harsh winter storms and raging seas, the name “Hotokegaura” actually means “Buddha Inlet” and was given to reflect the peacefulness of the area during summer. Folklore states that Hotokegaura is the gateway between this world and the next where the spirits of the dead transit. The inlet is regarded as a worthy entrance to Buddha’s Paradise thanks to its clear emerald green water contrasting beautifully with the clusters of ivory-white rocks. Each rock is named after a Buddha.

Please note that visitors need to take a steep 20-minute path from the car park to Hotokegaura. A recommended alternative is to take a pleasure boat to Hotokegaura. Pleasure boat rides are available from April to October from Ushitaki, Saimura and Wakinosawa piers. Several routes to Hotokegaura are available including a 15-minute glass boat ride and a 90-minute guided tour.


General Information

Opening Times
Boat services operate from late April to late October
Services may be canceled due to weather conditions
Walking trail
1 hour and 40 minutes by bus from JR Shimokita Station to the car park and a 20-minute walk along the path

Boat tours
2 hours and 20 minutes by bus or 1 hour and 40 minutes by car from JR Shimokita Station to Sai Port
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