Walk Hagurosan (Mt. Haguro) and Yudonosan (Mt. Yudono) in shiroshouzoku (a white robe) (clothes rental and dressing)(Shoko Travel (Shoko Corporation Co., Ltd.))

(Shoko Corporation Co., Ltd.)

Dress in shiroshouzoku (a white robe) and embark on a journey to rebirth deep in nature at Dewa Sanzan

At Mt. Haguro, you can climb the cedar tree-lined stone staircase with 2,446 steps—awarded three stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan—to the summit in about one hour, where you reach the Sanjin Gosaiden (a splendid structure where the three deities of Gassan, Hagurosan, and Yudonosan are enshrined together), said to bring powerful good fortune to those who visit. Along the way, you will pass the oldest five-storied pagoda in Tohoku, said to bring good luck with money, and the Haniyamahime Shrine, said to bring good fortune to those who make a prayer by tying the red string of their omamori (amulet) to the lattice part of the shrine, which is particularly popular among young women. Renting the white robes worn during ascetic practice by the Yamabushi (monks who undergo intense training in the mountains) will make you feel that much closer to nature’s power as you walk in them. Round-trip buses to the summit are also available, so you can adjust your experience according to your fitness level. The rental is not available during the winter season.

General Information

¥5,000 (incl. tax)
Not available in child sizes.
Tabi socks are not included in the rental set.
*Please purchase tabi on your own, or wear your own comfortable shoes such as sneakers.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Year-end and New Year Holidays
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays between May 10 (Friday) and November 30, 2019 (Saturday)
7 hours (Clothing rental time)
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: 1) Held with one group at a time so that participants will not come into contact with each other. 2) Disinfectant supplies are available at the temple lodgings (meeting place). 3) Employees wear masks; participants must wear masks as well. 4) Windows are opened for ventilation. 5) We will check your health condition and are prepared to take temperature checks. 6) Disinfection is performed frequently.


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